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Why More Retailers are Opting For Out-of-Town Locations

Appealing to the modern shopper, the offering an out-of-town retail destination proposes to retail companies is swiftly surpassing other methods of commerce.

Over recent years, out-of-town retail destinations have gained advantage over the high-density shopping centres and declining high streets. Appealing to the modern shopper, the offering an out-of-town retail destination proposes to retail companies is swiftly surpassing other methods of commerce.

While e-commerce continues to boom for online retail, the retail sector found beyond the high street and shopping centres are also entering their phase of progressive enhancement. Business parks which offer retail shopping are attracting more customers, investors and omnichannel retailers. Attractive parks in complimenting locations are dominating the retail market, and here’s why.

Unit size

Larger sized units allow retailers to comfortably utilise the space which ultimately offers more options to the company and its customers. Units can easily facilitate returns and operate a click and collect channel; the ideal format for a successful modern business.

Units found on a business park are predominantly larger than high street units, and therefore present better value to retailers. For example, a large home retailer can offer a wider range of products and accommodate for more stock. A larger size format enables a company to not only function as a retail outlet, but to be a distribution location whilst reducing the cost of deliveries and returns from their online platform.

Unit 1C Hay Hall
Hay Hall Business Park, Birmingham 


Ease and Accessibility

Convenient, out-of-town locations are increasingly becoming the preferred format for purchasing customers. Larger and better-connected shopping destinations are taking preference over congested high street roads. Rural retail destinations provide free and ample parking which encourages customers to visit due to ease of accessibility. More so, customers can avoid public transport as parking fees don’t apply, further creating the appeal to visit. Simple parking structures can also allow companies to efficiently implement a ‘click-and-collect’ purchase method, leading to the fulfilment of current consumer demands.

The modern way to shop

The online shopping trend has shaped the retail market and provided a growing opportunity for retailers to expand their businesses. Noticing the change in the way consumers shop, new build business parks function as a multi-use establishment, consisting of industrial, office and retail. New build sites such as Winnington Business Park in Northwich will offer such a mix and will aim to provide an attractive retail sector to the convenience of the local community.

New build units are sought after not only for their rural locations, but for their design. Modern architecture paired with high spec interior and facilities makes new build units appeal to a variety of sectors. FI Real Estate Management offer free space planning consultations where our property and asset managers determine the best plan to optimise workspace, designed to meet the business needs and objectives. To compliment a units contemporary environment, a fit-out creates solutions which ensure the space is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and functional.


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