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Six Reasons to Lease an Office with FI Real Estate Management

Leasing an office isn’t something most businesses take lightly, but FI Real Estate Management can help you navigate the path to your new base

Leasing an office isn’t something most businesses take lightly. From location and specification to the size of the space and its surrounding transport links, there are plenty of factors to consider.

But your business doesn’t have to embark on this journey alone and with FI Real Estate Management (FIREM), the process of leasing your office can be enjoyable and rewarding, instead of frustrating and intimidating. 

Here’s why leasing office space with us is a good idea... 

Broad portfolio

Logic dictates that if you’re going to find the right office for you, you’re going to need plenty of property options to choose from, and with FIREM, that’s precisely what we’ve got. 

Spanning more than two million sq ft, our property portfolio is undeniably vast, packed with offices of all shapes and sizes throughout England and Wales.

Discover your new base from our vast office portfolio 

Our spaces are flexible

Some of our office buildings may be large, but we understand that some businesses don’t require a full floor or a whole building. So we’re very open to the idea of segmenting large spaces to create smaller suites that serve your business better. 

It isn't uncommon for us to take large floor plates and split them into smaller suites for multiple tenants with offices as compact as 100 sq ft. In short, it’s up to you how much space you want to take. 

Northminster House, Peterborough - exterior view

Fantastic service 

As a name with four decades of experience in the property management game, we're able to call upon a wealth of knowledge from a team of passionate property professionals; this know-how ensures we can deliver the best service.

With our temporary licences, it’s likely we can get you set up in your new office quicker than you think, with a fit-out that suits your company. 

One dedicated team

We’ve all experienced the frustration of calling a company only to be passed around more times than a football in a tiki-taka training session because the relevant department can’t be reached.

It drives us crazy too so that’s why with FIREM, you’ll have a single team tasked with serving your property – one group of passionate professionals you can call upon for virtually anything to do with your office.

It will be the same group of individuals who stay with you from your initial enquiry. They will orchestrate the paperwork, and manage any matters during your lease and beyond. They’ll know the property - and more importantly, want to get to know your business - inside out, effectively acting as your own personal office advisors.

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Direct access to landlords

Our asset managers boast an in-depth knowledge of their properties, but every so often, some queries need to ‘go higher’. Fortunately, FIREM has direct access to landlords so we can get any uncertainties clarified quickly.

We understand your business

At FIREM, we make it our mission to really get to grips with the inner workings of your company, what you’re aiming for, and how you can best prepare for the future.

Once equipped with a thorough understanding of your business, we’re best placed to get you in the most suitable office and we’ll exhaust every possibility: from how we can achieve the fairest terms for you, to discovering the best office in the optimal location.

Check out our new eBook below to find out how to lease office space that’s right for you, or get in touch directly to discuss how we can get your business in a fantastic new base: 

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