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The future of office design for changing workplace environments

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There has never been a better time to reassess your office space and how you use it. Our relationship to work and the office has become more fluid since the end of the pandemic. This has opened up a whole world of possibilities for businesses to redefine their work environments to maximise productivity and future-proof their operations.

Read on to discover more about the future of office design and how adopting these ideas can affect or benefit your business.

Reduced amount of desk space

Arguably the most important change to come out of the pandemic has been a move towards hybrid styles of working. This model where people are in the office for three days a week or fewer has major ramifications for office design.

This can mean swapping out long banks of desks for more flexible, reconfigurable spaces. More than half of respondents to a recent Knight Frank survey stated that they saw hot desking and desk sharing schemes to be the future of the office.

It has been estimated that a 50% desk-to-employee ratio may become the norm, giving everyone more space. Options for what to do with that space could include providing private workspaces to complement the collaborative spaces; or creating overflow areas with standing desks which can be utilised as necessary.

Collaboration designed in

Another way to utilise the space opened up by removing long banks of desks is to build collaboration into your office. This applies in two ways.

Firstly, within the office. Internal layouts which provide breakout spaces and soft seating areas for employees to socialise and work together away from a more formal desk environment will become increasingly valuable as the new patterns of office life are formed.

Secondly, it is more important than ever to consider how people in the office collaborate effectively with people working from home. High quality digital conferencing facilities are a must, as is business-grade broadband for communication and connectivity.

Focus on health and wellbeing

The future of office design will be built in large part around what people need to feel happy and healthy. Wellbeing is an important priority for many, and a business which can offer benefits in this area as part of their workspace will have a big advantage when it comes to attracting the best staff.

Physical and mental wellbeing has become very important to employees since the pandemic and the best office designs now incorporate a range of measures to promote it. This includes making sure the light and ventilation levels are good, and that a healthy working environment is provided with greenery and natural touches.

It also means the inclusion of facilities and amenities which create a healthy, positive atmosphere. This might mean the aforementioned socialising spaces alongside other options like gymnasiums, landscaped gardens, lounges and other spaces that allow employees to disconnect from work for a time. A great example is Lynch Wood Park which provides all of the above.


The workforce of tomorrow will simply not engage with a business which does not take sustainability seriously and deliver on commitments in this area. The office represents an important focus in this regard. Sustainable day-to-day operations, decarbonisation, green buildings, renewable energy commitments and more can all be found by choosing the right office.

Choosing a sustainable office is also about future proofing your business. The climate emergency is not going away and the ESG reporting requirements mean that businesses have to demonstrate they are doing their bit.

The office is a big part of any company’s carbon emissions and so choosing an office designed to be sustainable now and in the future is the smart choice to make.

The outlook for the future of workspace

The future of workspace is here and businesses which embrace it can future proof their operations and ensure they are an attractive prospect for the best employees. Allowing people to work how they want, looking after their health, keeping everyone in contact and considering sustainability at every stage are a recipe for success.

A great office can deliver that for you and help your business not just survive, but thrive. Looking for a new office space to rent in the UK? Have a look at our availability and get in touch with the team by clicking here.

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