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The 9 Golden Rules for Leasing Your New Office Space

When hunting for your new office, there are some golden rules that can minimise the chances of your business facing challenges down the line. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established business looking for a new home or a start-up on the hunt for your first HQ, the golden rules for leasing office space are the same.

Here, we’ve listed nine key factors to consider that'll minimise the chances of your business facing challenges when leasing your next office space. 

Size up

You’ve found a space that’s big enough to fit your employees and all the equipment they’ll need to keep the wheels of your business in motion. 

But is it roomy enough for your business to continue operating comfortably if it grows and needs to employ more people? This is why we always advise sizing up so you have the benefit of being able to grow into your space. 

Land in the right location

Location is a tough problem to remedy if you get it wrong. New businesses leasing their first office should be wary of the surrounding amenities and consider how their employees would commute into the workplace.

Similarly, it’s worth bearing in mind how easy it would be for your suppliers and customers to reach you.

Use your senses 

During a viewing, rely on more than your eyes to gauge the suitability of the space. Will noise from neighbouring tenants be an issue? If the space sits in a busy location, could external noise cause problems?

Opening hours

Not every business sticks to the 9-to-5 so make sure your office will be accessible when you need it. Around-the-clock access is becoming increasingly common but it’s by no means the norm yet. 

How FI Real Estate Management can help: 

24-hour access is already in place at many of our office properties, including Watford’s wonderful Oak House. We can also arrange access for companies that keep unconventional working hours. 

Oak House Exterior

Be open with us

The more information you divulge, the better equipped we are to help deliver the best office solution. 

There’s nothing to gain by being shy, so tell us exactly what you want from your next office; we know the property inside out and may suggest a more suitable space. 

Getting online

Any business occupying office space in the modern age will rely on a decent internet connection. So check the eWave connectivity star rating to ensure your business isn’t hindered by sluggish download speeds.

How FI Real Estate Management can help: 

Many of our office buildings have been awarded a top five-star eWave connectivity rating, including the brilliant Ty Gwent in Cwmbran, meaning productivity will benefit from ultrafast broadband speeds. 

Ty Gwent- 002

Finding furniture

Unless you’re moving into a serviced office, you’ll need to source your own desks and chairs. The long lead times associated with ordering office furniture aren’t widely known (around six weeks is standard), so it’s never too soon to start thinking about where you’ll get your furniture from.

Understand your lease

‘Lease speak’ can be confusing at the best of times, so if you’re unsure of any terms or sections of your lease, speak up to your landlord and/or legal representative and get it clarified. 

There’s no shame in admitting you don’t understand certain phrases. Be confident when you sign the lease that you know what you’re signing. 

Get it in writing

Have you been promised something verbally during viewings or on the phone? If so, make sure it’s included in the lease. It’s nigh impossible to argue your case when you’ve already signed the paperwork. 

These are just some of the golden rules when leasing office space.
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