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Tenant Turned Supplier – That’s the FIREM Way!

When you become a tenant with us, you gain access to so much more than you own four walls…

When you become a tenant with us, you gain access to so much more than your own four walls. We believe in going beyond just providing a physical space and work in partnership with our tenants to unlock and create new opportunities.

Throughout the UK, we work with more than 700 tenants covering industrial, office, and retail sectors, operating in a range of industries and specialties, from NHS technology suppliers to customer-facing retailers. Whoever they are and whatever their skill set, our aim is to best support every business, to help them achieve their growth and business ambitions.

As a landlord, finding the perfect space often requires a flexible approach, but it can also mean pointing the tenant in the right direction for business rate relief or even introducing them to a fellow tenant. Where applicable and appropriate, our tenants can also tender to become part of our supply chain.

Becoming A Partner

When it comes to our tenant relationships, we always operate with an open mind and firmly believe that the best relationships operate on a two-way street. This means that, where we can make introductions that would benefit two parties, that’s precisely what we do. Equally, when we can tap into our tenant’s skills for our own business, we’ll do that too.

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of different businesses, whose skills are essential for our assets and day-to-day operation. From joiners and roofers, architects to solicitors, and even creative agencies, there are very few sectors and industries that we don’t come into contact with.

From Tenant To Tendering

Landscaping specialist Paul Caulder, based at North Cheshire Trading Estate, has rented his unit with us for nearly a decade. In that time, he has won a number of landscaping and Cap Ex works contracts with us – something he never expected when moving location.

“We moved to North Cheshire in 2011 and haven’t looked back since. The unit itself was a significant milestone in the growth of our company, but our relationship with FI REM evolved when an existing contractor failed to turn up for a job they’d booked. Thanks to our close relationship with the asset manager, our ability to fill in was already known to FI REM so we were asked to step in. From then on, we were invited to tender for appropriate projects and, three years later, we are still tendering for work when our skills fit the bill.

“Our unexpected working relationship with FI REM resulted in building up the confidence to invest further in our business and, on the back of recent growth, we have just secured our biggest UK contract to date with a major household name. Both as a tenant and partner, I can honestly say FI REM has always been a pleasure to work with and supported us as we’ve evolved. The entire team is fantastic.”

So if you’re looking for additional space, get in touch with our team and join our network of businesses – you never know where it might lead.

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