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Take to the High Street: Your New Business Location

Retail stores have dominated the high street for decades but with the rise of online shopping, many storefronts have been left empty. With these prime locations on offer, is it time for other sectors to take their place and open up their businesses to a whole host of new opportunities?

The retail sector has been changing for some time, with shoppers turning to more convenient online options. However, in recent years, this has substantially accelerated,  leading to many retailers closing their doors.


If it’s time for the high street to change, what exactly will that look like? Could your business take up one of these coveted spots and provide your clients and customers with a place to visit or finally put a face to the name?


Boost your business

If you run a service-based business that benefits from meeting your customers face-to-face, why hide away on side streets or in office blocks set back on the outskirts of town? By opening an office in the retail environment, you can offer your clients and customers a truly personal touch and provide a hands-on experience. Having a physical location to visit may be a novelty for some but it is a must-have for others.


From real estate agents, solicitors and recruitment agencies, to tutoring and financial services - your customers can call, email and now even video call, but nothing beats face-to-face interaction. By relocating your office to the high street or shopping centre, your business will naturally appear more approachable and you’re guaranteed greater brand awareness with your name, logo or slogan clearly displayed on the storefront.


Location, location, location

Retail businesses all wanted that prime location on the high street and in shopping centres for one reason - guaranteed footfall. Whether it’s the weekend or a weekday lunch hour, in the centre of any town, city or business district, people will be drawn to the area. Regardless of whether they’re passing through or have come for the day, there will always be those tempted by a window display and who choose to pop in for a quick look.


When an area has been designed for retail you can rely on it being easily accessible. With various means of public transport available and a number of car parks nearby, it’s often far easier for employees, clients and customers to travel in for work, a meeting or even a quick chat. While many stores may be closed, the food and beverage industry is springing back to life with a vengeance and in a city centre location, you’ll be spoilt for choice if selecting that all important meeting spot.


Same street, new look

The office environment has also altered since the pandemic, in order to accommodate a more flexible approach. From breakout spaces to wellbeing areas, an office no longer needs to be a room full of desks and a retail space could prove more inviting for employees, clients and customers.


The high street is rapidly evolving and there are plentiful empty storefronts waiting to be occupied. By becoming a new tenant of these available spaces, you’ll not only showcase your services to a whole new audience, but you’ll also help revive a national treasure - the beloved UK high street.


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