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Sustainability: The UK’s biggest conversation

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue and businesses are understanding how crucial it is to make changes to induce positive environmental effects.

Arguably the world’s hottest topic, sustainability is a crucial subject of interest which spreads across various sectors and industries. Businesses and individuals alike are connected through the unavoidable conversation which emphasises the importance of implementing a greener way of living and working. Organisations are called to set clear plans and strategies which incorporate sustainable solutions and actions to adhere to the demand for a more efficient future.


With sustainable development being a societal challenge and not just an environmental issue, the movement towards efficiency becomes an appealing priority for businesses as people begin to live more eco-friendly lives. With the emergence of more Smart Cities across the UK, in turn, more cities and towns have focussed their attention on how they can strategize for the future. Ultimately, the choice of where to live and base a business from is fast becoming more influenced by sustainability agendas which are available in the area of interest.


There are numerous ways in which towns and cities can transform their eco strategy and at FI Real Estate Management, we’ve observed the key elements of an attractive sustainability approach. For business and individuals, efficiency agendas are having more of an impact in the decision-making process of determining a location.


Green Space

One of the most appealing features of a town or city is its Green Space. Access to nature through parks, nature reserves, community gardens and recreational areas provides a wide array of societal, environmental, and economic benefits. Access to green space, wildlife and walkways not only improves biodiversity, but also creates a more attractive place to live and work in with cleaner, healthier air, and a better quality of life.


The key benefits can be separated into 3 main categories:

  • Societal – studies have shown that recreational spaces help reduce stress, boost mental and physical health, and have an overall positive impact by connecting people and nature.
  • Environmental – regulates the urban climate by reducing ambient temperatures of the city. Help with pollution control including noise pollution and helping preserve natural areas.
  • Economical – recognised to reduce energy use, provides insulation and decreases carbon footprints. Green spaces have also led to an increase in property value.


Cities such as Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Coventry are top ranking in the UK for park space relative to the number of their inhabitants. Recognising the importance of green spaces, we offer industrial and office properties in towns and cities with sustainable development agendas in place. Locations such as Lynch Wood Park, Peterborough and Friars House in Coventry reflect an appealing work environment based in a city recognised for its green space.


The Four R’s

A balance between urban living and waste management is achieved through these four key concepts: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover. From producers to consumers, the encouragement of sustainable waste management is a concept almost all towns and cities now adopt.


Like most climate change solutions, the smart management of urban waste directly affects the environment, society and economy. Strategies in place to help individuals and businesses reduce their waste are implemented throughout the UK through various regulations or suggestions. The most widely practised waste management solution is the placement of waste in separate recipients based on the subsequent recycling process required. Having such systems in place allows room for further management methods to be released and accepted throughout the town or city’s population, aiding their sustainability agenda.


Helping to achieve climate change goals, the City of Leeds has produced innovative solutions to improve their waste management systems. With aims to be carbon neutral by 2030, the Leeds City Region aims to offer supportive initiatives to local businesses such as reducing waste, water and energy bills. We’re proud to be a part of a city dedicated to transforming the way in which their people live and work. By taking inspired action towards a more efficient infrastructure, Leeds is now a recognised front runner in the UK’s sustainable development agenda, and a place for business that has your future in mind.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As more people turn to the use of electric cars, you’re more than likely to find EV charging spots in major community areas such as shopping centres and public car parks. The environmental and economic benefits for communities which offer an infrastructure in support of electric vehicles spreads further than just appealing to trends. By completely cutting our tailpipe emissions, it’s easier to provide a clean air commitment and start to make big steps towards climate change goals.


Our EV strategy at FI Real Estate Management has started to take form. We recently installed state-of-the-art EV charging stations at our flagship Peterborough business campus, Lynch Wood Park. As the city regarded as the UK’s environmental capital, Peterborough has a thriving local economy with a strong community and a sustainable way of living. We intend to reflect the city’s values in our properties to ensure we can provide a better working life for Peterborough businesses, paving the way for a further sustainable development.


The UK cities and towns making strides towards a more sustainable future helps to determine where the most future-proof places are to live and work. We pride ourselves at FI Real Estate Management to be able to offer a variety of excellent industrial, office and new build developments in some of the country’s most environmentally friendly cities. Establishing long lasting connections with places building for the future, we can provide workplaces which contribute to the health, happiness and success of its residents.

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