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Beyond the storefront: Retail spaces redefined for modern businesses

Discover retail space to rent that goes beyond the storefront with FI Real Estate Management. Our end-to-end service can transform your retail business.

The UK retail landscape is constantly evolving with success relying on innovation and the curation of exceptional shopping experiences that stand out from the crowd.

Modern retail businesses face many complexities of which their retail store is only one part. However, it is an important ingredient that can be the lynchpin for a successful retail business in 2024 and beyond.

At FI Real Estate Management, our service offering goes beyond the storefront to provide a true end-to-end service that redefines retail property for businesses and visitors.


Getting your retail space right

Before you can go ‘beyond the storefront’ you have to make sure that you have the best storefront possible. Finding the right home for your retail businesses can be a challenge as units come in all shapes and sizes. Every business has different requirements and what is right for someone else may not be right for you.

You should think about the type of customer you want and what they need. If you provide what they want, you can unlock the potential of your retail business.

For example, a second-hand or vintage business would be ideally placed to succeed at vintage retail shopping centre Bygone Times, whereas a more mainstream business may want to take space at a refurbished shopping centre with upgraded facilities to attract as many shoppers as possible.

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Providing multi-functional spaces to rent

‘Beyond the storefront’ can also mean providing a wider retail environment that offers a whole range of spaces for different businesses. These spaces then combine to offer an attractive retail destination for varied types of customers who might not normally see much crossover – and the more people we can get visiting, the more people will see your store who might never have encountered it otherwise.

For example, our shopping centres are not just places for shopping, they are also food and beverage hubs. Dedicated areas offering food and drink bring in visitors who then walk around and are exposed to our retail occupiers in the same venue, a good example of this is one of our retail locations, The Brunel.

Other examples of how we redefine the modern retail environment include combining retail with commercial office developments, such as those at 1 Newbridge Square and The Bulb which both include high end retail space to rent. This offers another type of opportunity for retail businesses which can benefit from being in a high-foot-traffic commercial location with a built-in customer base.

As retail evolves, it needs to be more flexible and multi-functional than ever before. By going ‘beyond the storefront’ and reimaging the wider retail environment as a whole, we provide unique spaces that give your business special opportunities.


Market leading service

Our outstanding track record in the retail sector is in part down to the proven FI system that has been developed to make the leasing process efficient and hassle-free at every stage.

When you choose FI Real Estate Management, you get direct access to the landlord and quick decisions which help you move things forward as quickly as possible. If your chosen property is missing that special ‘must have’ feature, we will work with you to provide it.

Our system also has flexibility built in. Business and life can be unpredictable, so if it turns out that you to relocate in future or need more space, we will move quickly to secure that for you in a timely fashion.

We have also streamlined our lets system to help you avoid paperwork delays, get into the property and get on with business as quickly as possible.

Combine that with more than 40 years of industry knowledge and you have a system that is optimised to benefit your business in many ways beyond the storefront.

Each department at FIREM works together to deliver a property management solution that takes care of everything, freeing you up to get on with what’s important to you. Browse our available retail properties to rent and get in touch with the team today.

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