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Race for Space: The Surge in Demand for Trade Counters

The acceleration of new market demands in the Trade sector prompts a rapid response from commercial developers.

Since 2020, the industrial market has seen a significant rise in the demand for DIY and home improvement supplies. The appeal for this market has made a hasty ascension into success and has resulted in more companies seeking ideal trade/ industrial units to continue expanding their network. Consequently, developers are keen to respond to the booming industry and so the ‘race for space’ to acquire new sites and land is advancing.


Branching Out

Trade counters were generally established in the larger cities and towns where they often leased space with considerable square footage. However, the rise in demand has seen many companies expand into smaller catchment areas which may not have been considered previously. Smaller, well-established or brand-new industrial locations within a good proximity of populated areas, consisting of the right prominence, size and configuration are now an ideal option for the industry to strengthen their presence and increase customer satisfaction.

2337-Winnington2-eye level-WIP02

Winnington Business Park, Northwich

Convenience is the Key

Readily available products in convenient locations are key influences in the customer decision of where they choose to shop. Trade counters offer convenient, real-time solutions for trades people and customers alike, creating a personal shopping experience with quick turnaround on product delivery as opposed to the isolated practice of online shopping and ecommerce delivery. More people are searching for easy to reach locations where they can conveniently see and collect their product before payment, know that they are in stock and can purchase immediately.


Due to this demand, we can be certain that the appeal for trade counters will continue to create a need for industrial occupiers to offer adaptable space, balancing both their warehousing and customer facing requirements.


Diversity in Design

From city locations to rural outskirts, trade counters have expanded their network in order to meet market and consumer demands. As the race for space advances, the urgency for commercial property to provide industrial space that matches trade expectations has gained momentum.


An imperative aspect that trade counter businesses look for when choosing their premises is the option to design their space exactly how they want it. Height of the unit is of key importance for assessing volume of storage through racking and mezzanine fit-outs. Space which can be adapted to an occupiers current requirements and further holds the capacity to accommodate future growth has developed into the preferred choice for trade counters, and therefore trade and industrial units which offer such services gain a competitive advantage in a booming industry that is continually expanding.

Cheney Manor_NSP6669 1 High Res

Hybrid Solutions

The attraction of hybrid shopping experiences has risen in recent years and many industries have moved with the demand and adopted the concept. Hybrid shopping consists of the collusion of an e-commerce browsing and purchasing journey, finishing with a personal, in-store completion.


The convenient fulfilment model comes with a number of benefits for both consumer and business. The concept requires fewer logistical resources, allows customers to enjoy familiar in-store experiences and combines multiple business solutions under one roof. Integrating the online and the physical, businesses can react to the latest consumer trends in the most efficient way possible.

2348-02-Gemini-Eye Level

Gemini Point, Peterlee

At FI Real Estate Management, we equip the trade industry with industrial spaces to perfectly match their business expectations and requirements. Whether companies are looking for established trade units in Runcorn, or enticing new builds in Wrexham, our property portfolio offers ideal industrial space solutions amidst the rising popularity of the trade counter.

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