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Out-of-town Offices: Why They’re Key to Reuniting Your Team

More direct commutes, better car parking and greater social distancing are just some of the reasons teams are looking to escape the city centre.

Inner city offices have served businesses well over the years. With their strong transport links, prestigious locations, and the convenience of having almost any amenity imaginable a stone’s throw away, it’s easy to appreciate the appeal.

However, in light of the pandemic, there has been a shift in focus with a notable rise in employees and companies becoming curious what their worklife would be like away from the city centre.

Multiple sources have noted a rise in enquiries for out-of-town offices recently. In June 2021, City AM reported that suburban office markets were outperforming city centres for the first time in ten years, as companies experimented with a ‘work-near-home’ model as part of their hybrid working approach.

Additionally, JLL has predicted that demand for prime out-of-town offices will remain robust well beyond 2022.

That doesn’t mean companies are deserting the city; in fact only in September, we saw thousands of office workers pour back into the City of London. Employers are keen to continue being receptive to staff requests and offering a hybrid office balance that suits everyone and an office in more spacious surroundings could be key to that.


What are the advantages of an out-of-town office?

More direct commute: Out-of-town doesn’t translate to ‘hard to reach’ - in fact, escaping the hustle and bustle can often make an office more accessible with less congested, more direct transport links.

Better car parking facilities: Land tends to be cheaper out of town, so suburban offices are more likely to offer a greater number of car parking spaces with a higher level of security.

More open green space: Fewer buildings and roads usually equate to more wide open spaces, less polluted air, and lower noise levels.

Increased exercise: Being based in calmer, greener surroundings, workers will naturally feel more inclined to go out for a peaceful walk. This can help ‘reset’ workers and give them a clear mind to attack what remains of the workday.

Greater social distancing: With the prospect of driving into the office a more viable and affordable option with out-of-town offices, workers will appreciate being able to avoid other people on public transport.  

Out-of-town offices available to let now

Demand for out-of-town offices may be hotter than ever but there’s plenty of supply to satisfy the appetite.

Lynch Wood Park, Peterborough: A short drive out from the centre of Peterborough, Lynch Wood Park is an all-encompassing office campus where employees work, rest and play with no real reason to leave the confines of the Grade II-listed grounds until the end of the day.

There’s peace of mind with its 1,900-space car park winning awards for its security, whilst the on-site restaurant, gym, and lush landscaped grounds provide ample opportunity to unwind away from the Grade A office space. There’s even a hedge maze and a lake with its own resident swan.


Oak House, Watford: Boasting the best of both worlds is the prestigious three-storey Oak House. Aside from sleek office suites and newly refurbed common areas, it offers plenty of on-site car parking whilst remaining a half-mile walk from the town centre. From there, you can board a train that’ll pull into London Euston in little over 30 minutes.


Ty Gwent, Cwmbran: In South Wales, Ty Gwent is a promising and adaptable, three-storey office building within the lush landscaped environment of the popular Llantarnam Business Park. With generous car parking and suites starting from just 100 sq ft, reaching up to 35,000 sq ft, businesses can make the space their own.


Drayton House, Tamworth: Finally, near Birmingham, we have Drayton House, which adds a new element into the mix by being an out-of-town office but on a popular industrial estate. Located on the first floor of Drayton House, Suite B2 offers 2,460 sq ft of refurbished office space, complemented by a shared kitchen, WCs, lift, 24-hour manned security and a car parking ratio of 1:350 sq ft.


That’s just a handful of the many fantastic out-of-town offices available from FI Real Estate Management, but contact our team now to find out how we can help your business find the right office space for you.

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