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Optimising your business operations with FIREM

Our diverse 14M+ sqft portfolio including industrial, office, retail, leisure properties, and open storage - creates opportunities for thriving businesses.

At FIREM, we know how important finding the right premises can be for your business, whether it is a new start-up or an established, growing company.

Across our whole portfolio of more than 14 million sqft of industrial, office, retail and leisure property, alongside a large portfolio of open storage space, we work closely with our clients to optimise their business operations and do everything we can to help them thrive.

Read on to learn about the steps we take to help our clients achieve their potential and exceed their business goals.

Client-first commercial property design

We see ourselves as being in partnership with our clients. We listen to what you need and use that knowledge to create opportunities for you to succeed. That collaborative approach can be seen in our industrial, office and retail spaces which are designed to contribute to the success of the businesses we work with.

That means providing top-of-the-range facilities and amenities, prioritising sites with good transport links, carrying out timely refurbishments and supplying property that can be reconfigured and used for a variety of purposes. Our portfolio rarely rests and we are constantly working to bring fresh properties to market for our clients.

In order to stay ahead in the dynamic commercial real estate landscape, we prioritise the pursuit of innovation. We are a partner to business for the present and the future – and our property reflects that commitment to staying ahead of the game.

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Staying on top of industry trends

More than 40 years of experience of providing commercial property in the UK has given us the knowledge and experience to truly understand both market conditions and tenant aspirations. A key part of that is ensuring that our staff are experts in the field and that we as a business are responding to industry trends in an effective way that pays dividends for our partners.

For example, the ‘flight to quality’ that is coming to define the industrial office and retail property sectors is a reflection of how business priorities are evolving in the modern world. ESG commitments, employee welfare considerations and a need to respond to the climate emergency are causing businesses to prioritise Grade A spaces over most other factors.

By concentrating on providing Grade A space where applicable for our clients, we are not only providing what people need, but giving them the conditions they need to fulfil their potential and succeed in the modern business environment.


People-first approach

Everything we do starts with people, not properties. We make it our mission to understand how you and your business works, and then we execute a complete strategic service that leverages our extensive property portfolio with the aim of driving your success.

Our service and people-first approach doesn’t stop once you move into a FIREM property. We will continue to be an active partner, regularly assessing whether the property still meets your needs as you grow. If it doesn’t, we can help adapt the property so that it does or provide a new alternative that will be a better fit for your thriving business.

We believe that our job is helping you optimise your business operations, and our whole approach to property is built around that fact.

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