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Gemini Point and County Durham: The Perfect Match

As the development of Gemini Point at Bracken Hill Business Park, Peterlee advances, we look into how FI Real Estate Management’s new build industrial units are the perfect match for County Durham’s economic strategy.

With a rich history in the manufacturing and engineering sector, Country Durham produces the highest concentration in the region, with the exception of Sunderland. In addition, the regions share of M&E GVA per capita is well in excess of the UK average. Key aspects which contribute include a highly skilled labour market, desire to manufacture in market and the drive to modernise and green the economy.


The County has been a top choice for businesses looking to invest and capitalise on new opportunities for generations. Investing in Durham comes with the attraction of adding to the County’s long heritage of innovation and industry. With a broad business base, significant strengths include manufacturing, engineering, and technology, which makes up 20% of the economy.


With the demand for industries to be matched with their perfect commercial property, FI Real Estate Management responded with an ideal resolution: Gemini Point.


Innovation and Manufacturing

The new build industrial development is situated on the well established Bracken Hill Business Park in Peterlee, a prominent location for manufacturing and engineering businesses. Gemini Point comprises of 8 terraced units ranging between 5,400 sq ft to 7,400 sq ft and one detached unit consisting of 6,275 sq ft.


Focusing on the areas rich labour market, the evolution of industrial space is ideal for the County’s manufacturing and engineering sector. With Durham and surroundings benefiting from a vast community of highly skilled labour professionals, Gemini Point opens up a mass of employment opportunities.


The County has long been an ideal location for innovation and industry and the sector is continuously advancing. Undoubtedly, the room for expansion with a Gemini Point unit allows for further company development with the option to combine units dependent on availability. Manufacturing companies of all shapes and sizes can base their business in a modern, well-specified environment that has potential to grow alongside them.

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The rise of Technology

In relation to the County’s economic strategy, the technology industry has advanced in its significance to economic contribution. Sectors revolving around space and satellites have been gaining momentum in the North East in the past few years and therefore business support in Durham has seen a swift rise in demand for potential properties to match their business requirements.


In comparison to conventional office and laboratory space, a unit at Gemini Point can be fit-out to meet all the needs and requirements of the business. Essentially, an industrial unit will provide a blank canvas for technology and science companies to complete modifications with ease and ultimately carry out activities essential to the nature of their business such as testing and development.


Supporting a green future

Gemini Point further meets the County’s Economic Strategy demands by incorporating and encouraging a ‘go green’ approach for residents of the site. The business hub provides Electrical Vehicle charging stations as a response to the demand for more energy efficient solutions and to boost the County’s electrification agenda. Cycle parking areas are also located on site to further inspire modernised methods of travel and support cycle to work schemes. All of which contributes to a future-proof industrial area.


A match made in industrial heaven

The new build will provide a multitude of opportunities for vast economic development within the rich industrial region of County Durham. As manufacturing, engineering and technology industries continue to thrive in the County, the appeal for commercial properties which suit immediate business requirements as well as accounting for future growth opportunities, will only grow in popularity.


Gemini Point is an ideal site to help cater to rising industrial property demands in County Durham. The new build development occupies a wide range of features that fit the requirements of critical sectors which significantly contribute to the county’s economic growth. Offering property solutions, employment opportunities and even adopting a greener approach, Gemini Point is the perfect match for Durham.


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