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5 Strategies for Boosting Productivity in Your Office Space

Boost workplace efficiency with strategic office space. Regularly assess practices for optimal productivity. Explore top tips for success in our guide.

To ensure optimal productivity, it is important to assess and renew your working practices regularly, and one of the most impactful things you can do is to rent an office space that is designed to maximise productivity.

If you get it right, your workspace can be a key contributor to the success of your company. Read on for our top five tips to maximise your office productivity.

Offer variety

Open-plan arrangements became standard in offices over the past two decades, but the tide appears to be turning and the benefits of offering more defined workspaces within an office are becoming apparent.

Variety is more important for many than one big open space. Different employees prefer different types of workspaces, and that can even depend on the type of work they are doing. More open spaces are great for collaborative work, but when focus is required it can improve productivity if people are able to retreat to more private workspaces.

Choose a healthy environment

Getting the work environment right is one of the pillars of productivity. Choosing an office which promotes health and wellbeing is a big step in getting this right.

You should lease an office with big windows for air and light, while also considering modern ventilation and air conditioning systems. These will ensure that the air is healthy and the temperature is controlled for comfort – both of which will make sure your employees are mentally and physically prepared for work.

Get the office furniture right

Related to the previous two points, you shouldn’t neglect the office furniture. Creating a comfortable space that empowers people to work productively is important, and to do that you need to pay attention to the seating, desks and other office features.

Different types of seating and desks are important if you want to create an environment that is both practical and inviting for employees. Well designed, attractive furniture promotes wellbeing which in turn feeds directly into increased productivity. Healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees do better work.

Personalise the office space

Whether your employees are in the office full time or on a hybrid basis, it is important to create a great sense of place for them. Drab, uninspiring offices are bound to reduce productivity. Instead, you should brand your space effectively to reflect the personality of your business. If your employees feel part of the company and can feed off a great atmosphere, they will be more productive.

It can also prove to be a benefit when clients come to the office for meetings or other visits. A strong brand identity throughout will drive home your company’s identity and play a role in securing sales.

Offer spaces to socialise too

One of the best ways to increase productivity in work is to choose an office that includes spaces where people can relax. Breakout rooms, kitchens, a café, gymnasium, yoga rooms, office space with gardens and more are all great examples of amenities that office buildings include on top of the workspaces which will benefit your business.

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